Scotch Eggs Recipe

Scotch eggs makes the ideal snack or a great companion at a picnic, they are also really easy to make as this recipe shows.


1lb sausage meat
1 large egg
5 hard boiled eggs, with shells taken off
Small amount of flour
1 tbsp water
3oz dry breadcrumbs
Pinch of salt, freshly ground pepper


1. Cover the hard boiled eggs with a small amount of flour.

2. Add some salt and pepper to the sausage meat and divide into five sames sized portions. Place the sausage meat on a floured surface. Wrap the sausage meat round the eggs, try to make sure that there are no gaps.

3. Beat the remaining egg with the water and using a brush, coat the meat-covered eggs, then coat liberally with the breadcrumbs.

4. Deep fry the scotch eggs in hot oil (185C) (make sure you care as you put the eggs into the oil). Cook for about

6 minutes. You can use a frying pan if you do not have a deep fat fryer, just make sure you turn the eggs frequently making sure that the meat cooks evenly.

5. Drain and serve straight away or allow to cool. Keep in the fridge.

Serves: 5
Preparation time: 6 mins
Cooking time: 10 mins

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6 thoughts on “Scotch Eggs Recipe

  1. oh my god, these were the best i have ever tasted i will never buy them from a shop again i didnt realise they were so easy to make myself :-)

  2. I love Scotch eggs so im deffinatly gonna try this recipe! didn´t realise they would be so easy to make

  3. Thanks i forgot how to do it cuase i have made it for some time now, thanks for refreshing my memeory and will definitely make it for my family.

  4. What a nice, easy and quick way of treating one self without spending much. Thanks so much for the recipe. It a snack i so much enjoy having.

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