Question: Crumbly Fruit Cake

My mum has been making excellent fruit cakes for years, however her last few, although tasting great have been crumbly resulting in the cake being served in piles not slices. She has recently changed her oven but has changed no other ingredients or method. The oven is still an electric fan oven just a different make
to her old one. Any ideas?

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One thought on “Question: Crumbly Fruit Cake

  1. I’ve had a similar problem, and haven’t found any good answers. A couple vague comments I’ve seen indicate that aging the cake will help, especially if you’re basting it with brandy; also cooking at a too high temperature or too long can cause it to be crumbly; and a comment that the thing that makes fruitcake susceptible to being crumbly is that there is a small amount of cake to hold together all the fruit, they recommneded soaking the fruit extra long so that is as moist as possible so it doesn’t suck up as much moisture from the dough.
    In the past I’ve assumed that “the more the better” so I added extra fruit and maybe that contributed to my problem. This year I think I’ll try to refrain from adding extra fruit, chop it into smaller pieces and soak it longer.

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