easy cookery for a group of 10 to 11 yr olds

I am planning to start a youth group of yr 5 and 6. I want to help them progress so that they can begin the progress of transferring from that young stage to the next. could do with some simple recipes that we can all work together and cook with at the youth club and then sit down and eat, as well as having fun! Thanks xx

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One thought on “easy cookery for a group of 10 to 11 yr olds

  1. try searching these recipes, they would be fun and easy to make:
    1.malteser slice, or any kind of chocolate biscuit fridge cake
    2. flapjack
    3. basic cupcakes that are delish:
    4oz/100g caster sugar
    4oz/100g butter, softened
    4oz/100g self raising flour
    2 eggs
    1tsp baking powder

    the kids will have fun making the icing too if you have cool colours!

    4. chocolate chip cookies (always a hit)
    5. cheese scones

    why not ask the kids if they have any preferences/
    hope this was helpful?! :)

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